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Products - Rack Protection

Rack Protection & Safety
Damaged rack, shelving, and structural components need to be repaired or replaced before they fail and possibly cause injuries to your employees. It is almost always cheaper to repair or replace defective material than to pay a workers compensation claim. Many times we can repair damaged components rather than replace them. This can save you money and avoid disruption of your business. If a component cannot be safely repaired, we will tell you. We can also advise the best ways to protect your system from damage.

Rack Protection

Rack Protection upright protectors

Upright Protectors
The uprights located at the end of rows are most susceptible to forklift damage. Protect the upright frames at the end of rack rows with rack protection. By using a combination of floor-anchored wrap around column protectors on the front of uprights and end-of-aisle rack protectors you can reduce costly forklift damage to your rack system.

rack protectors cross aisle protection

Cross Aisle Protection
Damage caused by constant cross aisle traffic can be eliminated by using single or double sections with intermediate floor supports and energy absorbing corner protectors.


Anti-Collapse Mesh

Anti-Collapse Mesh
A versatile anti-collapse cladding system for cladding areas of pallet racking that face onto a pedestrian aisle. All panels are made to suit pallet bays and the system completely eliminates the need for any cutting on site.

The system consists of framed mesh panels mounted onto the rear of the pallet racking by means of brackets. The brackets are designed to be fixed either way in order to avoid the main racking beams and also to allow mesh to stand clear of pallets.