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Company - Principles & Values

Principles & Values
We believe there are some simple basic principles to apply to any project in which we are involved:

  • Identify the scope of the project and requirements of the client
  • Communicate to ensure the requirements are complete and fully defined
  • Agree what is expected of us in relation to the project and the client's requirements
  • Deliver what we have agreed within the parameters of the project in the specified time

We also adhere to a set of Key Values, which are aimed at putting us at the forefront of the market:

  • Clear identification with our client's objectives
  • Quality, backed extensive capability and technical excellence
  • Professionalism, reliability and positive attitude
  • Committed, responsive and well qualified staff

A Project Manager is assigned on every job in order to manage the project timelines. Working with clients for over 20 years, we recognise that deadlines and budgets are extremely important and that's where Euromech scores high with every installation.

At Euromech, we focus on doing the job right to earn an on-going relationship with our clients.